Packing Tips

Packing  Tips:

1. The manner in which your shipment is packed will ensure its safe transport across or across country. Here are some guidelines to help if you are planning to do most of your own packing:

2. Make sure you do not pack your boxes too heavy. Books and heavier items should be packed in small boxes. Larger boxes are used for light, bulky item.

3. Be generous with your use of packing materials. Whether you are using bubble wrap, peanuts, or plain newsprint, all boxes should be packed tightly with no room for the contents to shift or rattle.  This will also prevent the possibility of crushing in transit.

4. All boxes should be closed and sealed tightly with proper moving tape. This will prevent personal belongings from spilling as the box is handled throughout transit.

5. No open containers or liquid cleaning products should be shipped due to the fact that one small leak can cause damage throughout a trailer.

6. All valuables, including legal documents and jewelry, should be kept in your possession. This will ensure these items arrive safely and allow immediate access to them at your destination.

7. All mattresses and light colored fabric pieces should be wrapped in plastic to ensure they are not soiled in transit.

8. Have all your boxes labeled with the room they are intended for, so the driver and his crew can easily place all your belongings where they belong.  This will prevent you from having to move anything a 2nd time.

9. Be aware that in some cases the items packed by owner are not covered under the standard valuation of $.60 per pound per article should they be damaged in transit unless of course, the box has been visibly damaged on the exterior.